15kW power module


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15kW 750V Bidirectional DC/DC power module

➢ High efficiency: Using TPS control mode to achieve soft switching, reduce power consumption, full load efficiency of the whole machine is greater than 95%.</br> ➢ High power density: DAB technology, high power density.</br> ➢ Wide operating temperature range: -30~+65℃</br> ➢ Automatic current equalization: Multiple charge and discharge modules can automatically equalize the current, and the current imbalance is less than ±0.5A.</br> ➢ Fast response: advanced digital control system, fast dynamic response.</br> ➢ Intelligent fan speed control: Monitor the ring temperature, output voltage and current, and internal device temperature, and perform intelligent speed control</br> ➢ Quick swap installation: Supports hot swap</br>

Full load noise 55dB 30kW EV Charger Power Module

Noise: < 60dB (room temperature 25℃)</br> Low standby power consumption: <6W</br> Standby reactive power: <8Var</br> Wide output constant power range: 300-1000VDC</br> Ultra-low standby power consumption: <10W</br> Ultra-low total harmonic distortion:≤5%</br> Ultra-wide operating temperature: -40℃-75℃</br> High conversion efficiency: peak efficiency ≥96.5%</br>

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