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UL Certified 40kW Fast charging Module for EV Charging Station

THWT40F10028C8EUR is a power module developed by Tonhe Electronics for charging pile, which meets UL standard, high efficiency and high power density. </br> It supports 432Vac ~ 528Vac three-phase four-wire system (three-phase +PE) input, the maximum power is 40KW, and the default constant output power range is 280Vdc ~ 1000Vdc. The monitoring unit/control unit of the charging system CAN communicate with the charging module through the CAN bus. </br> Based on the communication, the functions of working parameter setting, operating parameter collection and working state control of the charging module can be realized.</br>

KC CE certified 40kW Charging Power Module for EV charger

THWT40F10028C8E is a DC charging module with high efficiency and high power density developed by Tonhe Company for charging piles. The output voltage can reach 1000V, and the constant power is 40kW in the range of 280-1000VDC. Interface with 30kW module, size one To facilitate user update iteration.

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