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undergraduate course

Job Responsibilities: 1. After-sales work of the project: opening, commissioning, after-sales maintenance, etc. 2. Daily product operation inspection and maintenance; 3. Assisted the customer manager to solve the common problems encountered in the use of customer equipment. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, computer, automation, electrical engineering; 2. Familiar with basic knowledge of analog circuit, digital circuit and high-frequency circuit; 3. Have a certain knowledge of computer network; 4. Strong hands-on ability, skilled in the use of multimeter, oscilloscope and other electrical testing equipment; 5. Bear hardships, work hard, adapt to long-term business trip.


junior college

Job Responsibilities: 1. Analyzed historical data of production plan, complete machine plan and market dynamic changes, and provided data guidance for corresponding materials in time; 2. Conduct data analysis of reasonable safety inventory, inventory cycle, expiration date and waste recycling; 3. Promoted and monitored supplier inventory, shortened material purchase cycle. Qualifications: 1. Full-time college degree or above, no limitation on major (mechanical, electronic, electrical and management majors are preferred); 2. Strong work initiative, can actively promote the work with the goal as the orientation; 3. Proficient in computer and ERP office software; 4. Excellent communication and expression skills, analysis and judgment skills, organization and coordination skills, planning and control skills.


undergraduate course

Job responsibility: 1. Proficient in accounting regulations, tax laws and preferential tax policies; 2. Familiar with and organized the accounting process of the company; 3. Conducted general ledger accounting, balanced data relations, prepared three statements of assets and liabilities, profit and cash flow, and prepared consolidated statements; 4. Responsible for coordination and communication with functional departments, and complete related work arranged by functional departments; 5. Assisted the office to fill in the annual inspection data; 6. Assisted other departments in filling in project declaration data and acceptance work; 7. Responsible for annual accounting, tax audit and communication with relevant agencies. Office qualification: 1. Master degree or above, major in finance, finance school preferred; 2. Sensitive to data, proficient in financial related professional knowledge, with relevant financial professional certificate is preferred; 3. Have certain communication skills and learning ability, have good professional ethics, rigorous and practical; 4. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and pressure resistance.


undergraduate course

Job Responsibilities: 1. Developed and maintained the company's switching power supply products; 2. Completed principle design, device selection, PCB design, document making and other development work according to project plan and responsibility division; 3. According to the product plan or user needs, provide model modification and maintenance support for the company's existing embedded products; 4. Carried out the design and development of new product platforms, and conducted unit and system tests. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, computer, automation, electrical engineering; 2. Have solid basic knowledge of analog circuit, digital circuit, C/C++ etc. 3. Proficient in office software; 4. Master a schematic diagram and PCB drawing tool.