Financial accounting

4000 - 8000


undergraduate course




no limit

Job responsibility:

1. Proficient in accounting regulations, tax laws and preferential tax policies;
2. Familiar with and organized the accounting process of the company;
3. Conducted general ledger accounting, balanced data relations, prepared three statements of assets and liabilities, profit and cash flow, and prepared consolidated statements;
4. Responsible for coordination and communication with functional departments, and complete related work arranged by functional departments;
5. Assisted the office to fill in the annual inspection data;
6. Assisted other departments in filling in project declaration data and acceptance work;
7. Responsible for annual accounting, tax audit and communication with relevant agencies.

Office qualification:

1. Master degree or above, major in finance, finance school preferred;
2. Sensitive to data, proficient in financial related professional knowledge, with relevant financial professional certificate is preferred;
3. Have certain communication skills and learning ability, have good professional ethics, rigorous and practical;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and pressure resistance.