Tonhe Technology debuts in EV INDONESIA 2024

Recently, Tonhe Technology appeared at EV INDONESIA 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This exhibition is the only new energy vehicle and charging equipment exhibition held in Indonesia.It attracts more than 10,000 business people as an emerging market of new energy industry. The exhibition included more than 600 exhibitors from battery manufacturers, charging equipment manufacturers, electric bus manufacturers and more. Through this exhibition, Tonhe Technology was able to more accurately target the overseas market and showcase Tonhe brand's high quality technology and products in front of various countries and international participants.

Tonhe Technology brings advantageous products to Indonesia

Invited to participate in the exhibition, Tonhe Technology brought CE-certified 20kW, 30kW and 40kW series of digital high-efficiency EV charging modules to the exhibition which aroused strong attention, demonstrated the strong product power of the Tonhe brand and showed the latest achievements and innovative technologies of China's charging module equipments in the field of new energy with a unique perspective and professional technology.


TH40F10030C7-WT TH30F10025C7-WT TH20F10025C7-WT


Tonhe Technology products are pragmatic and efficient and widely recognised by overseas customers

The Indonesian government is endeavouring to open up new investment options for companies from world to boost the country's electric vehicle industry. With the introduction of the new Presidential Regulation (55/2019) to accelerate the implementation of electric vehicles for public transport, foreign EV brands targeting to set up companies in Indonesia can gain more effective interests from the Indonesian market. In the future, Tonhe Technology brand will actively communicate face-to-face with potential customers and partners in Southeast Asia to further expand the field of business co-operation and promote the wide application of Chinese technology products in the international market. As one of the earliest manufacturers in the industry to develop and produce charging modules, Tonhe Technology's products are characterised by high reliability, high efficiency and low power consumption, and have always been in the leading position in terms of market share.


Tonhe Technology's innovative power continues to be improved and product power continues to be strengthened.

The performance of the Tonhe Technology brand at the Indonesia New Energy Expo fully demonstrated Tonhe Technology's professional strength and innovation ability as a leader in the new energy industry. These high-performance, high-quality DC charging modules developed by Tonhe Technology not only meet market demand, but also provide strong support for the development of new energy vehicles. In future, Tonhe Technology will continue to increase R&D investment and promote product innovation.

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Tonhe Technology inviting you to the EVIS 2024

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Tonhe Technology Technical Team inviting you to EV Indonesia 2024

Tonhe Technology Technical Team inviting you to EV Indonesia 2024

Exhibition News--Tonhe Technology Actively Expands Overseas Markets

As a leader in the global field of new energy charging and swapping equipment, Tonhe Technology showcased the 30kW and 40kW high-efficiency charging modules with UL and CE-certified, V2G, DCDC modules , as well as low-noise, low-power consumption charging modules at the exhibition. This garnered strong attention from customers and showcased Tonhe Technology's latest achievements and innovative technologies in the new energy field.

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Tonhe Technology is honored to be a part of this prestigious gathering once again, and we invite you to join us as we showcase our latest innovations and solutions. At EVS37, Tonhe Technology will unveil a diverse portfolio of products and technologies such as UL certified 40kW power module,KC/CE/TUV certified 30kW power module and high efficiency 20kW power module with full series of certification.

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Tonhe Technology, as a leader in the field of global new energy vehicle charging and swapping equipment, focuses on core technology research in the field of new energy vehicle charging and swapping. Invited to participate in this expo, Tonhe Technology showcased its UL-certified 30kW and 40kW series of digital high-efficiency new energy vehicle charging modules.

Tonhe Technology's 30/40kW DC Charging Module Receives UL2202 Safety Certification from UL Solutions

On March 20-21, 2024, the second New Energy Industry Chain Conference themed "Quality Chain Future" hosted by UL Solutions was grandly held at the Kempinski Hotel by Jinji Lake in Suzhou.Milan Dotlich, Global Vice President of UL Solutions and General Manager of the Energy and Power Technology Division awarded the UL2202 certification certificate to Tonhe Technology's 30/40kW DC charging module.