Tonhe Technology shines at the EVCS 2024

The EVCS 2024 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from March 20th to 22nd, 2024. As a global event focused on electric vehicle charging infrastructure and technology, this expo brought together industry leaders, utility companies, government officials, municipal organizations, decision-makers, and research leaders to discuss the future of electric mobility.


The EVCS serves as a major platform linking the global energy industry chain. It is one of the largest, most professional, and influential international exhibitions for new energy electric vehicles and charging piles in the United States and even throughout North America. It holds significant importance in driving the development of the US and global new energy vehicle charging industry chain. Tonhe Technology, as a leader in the field of global new energy vehicle charging and swapping equipment, focuses on core technology research in the field of new energy vehicle charging and swapping. Invited to participate in this expo, Tonhe Technology showcased its UL-certified 30kW and 40kW series of digital high-efficiency new energy vehicle charging modules. Once exhibited, the products attracted numerous overseas industry customers to inquire and negotiate at the booth.


Facing the demands of global market customers, Tonhe Technology possesses strong innovation and R&D capabilities. Several charging modules adhere to strict standards from research and development design to production manufacturing. Whether it is product layout or power density, peak efficiency, they are among the best in the same industry, favored by many international customers. In terms of product reliability and scaled application, Tonhe Technology has established strategic cooperation with many international charging pile giants, leading charging operators, and other top enterprises, achieving outstanding performance in technical innovation and product reliability. It has rich experience in large-scale commercial application of overseas projects, passing product stability verification in various rigorous application environments in different countries. Tonhe Technology has become one of the most trusted core component suppliers of charging modules for overseas pile enterprises and operators. In the future, Tonhe Technology will continue to focus on the field of new energy vehicle charging and swapping equipment, leading with technological innovation, continuously launching more and better products and services, deepening cooperation with strategic customers in North America and even globally, promoting the construction of global charging infrastructure, and facilitating global low-carbon and green travel.

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Tonhe Technology's 30/40kW DC Charging Module Receives UL2202 Safety Certification from UL Solutions

On March 20-21, 2024, the second New Energy Industry Chain Conference themed "Quality Chain Future" hosted by UL Solutions was grandly held at the Kempinski Hotel by Jinji Lake in Suzhou.Milan Dotlich, Global Vice President of UL Solutions and General Manager of the Energy and Power Technology Division awarded the UL2202 certification certificate to Tonhe Technology's 30/40kW DC charging module.

Tonhe Technology Global Exhibition Plan 2024

Tonhe Technology is looking forward to meeting you with our high quality EV charging power modules!

Tonhe Technology would like to extend sincere invitation to all customers and friends to visit us at Booth 209 EVCS2024 LasVegas

Tonhe Technology would like to extend sincere invitation to all customers and friends to visit us at Booth 209 EVCS2024 LasVegas.

Tonhe Technology's 30kW and 40kW Charging Power Modules Attain Prestigious UL Certification

Tonhe Technology is proud to announce a momentous achievement as its 30kW and 40kW charging power modules have successfully obtained UL certification.

Tonhe Technology with charging module appeared in eMove360 Germany

From October 15 to 17, 2019, the 11th Germany (Munich) European New Energy Vehicle Fair (eMove360° Europe 2019) was opened in Munich New International Exhibition Center, Germany. The exhibition focuses on vehicles (electrification, networking of vehicles, autonomous driving), charging and energy, batteries and powertrains, urban and mobility design, materials and engineering. As a Chinese charging module enterprise, Tonhe Technology, together with the world's top brands such as Tesla, ABB, Siemens and Delta, exhibited their advanced technologies and products at the exhibition.