Exhibition News--Tonhe Technology Actively Expands Overseas Markets

With the continuous warming of the global new energy market, Tonhe Technology actively lays out its overseas markets. From April 21st to 26th, 2024, at the Hanover Industrial Fair held in Hanover, Germany and the 37th World Electric Vehicle Conference and Exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea, Tonhe Technology actively responded and participated alongside numerous excellent international brands to promote the high-quality development of the global new energy field. This endeavor also aids in further expanding the international market for Chinese technology brands. The two international-level exhibitions attracted approximately 4,000 participating companies from 59 countries and regions around the world.


Moving forward with determination, Tonhe Technology, with leading technology, showcased a diverse range of products at the exhibition.

Under the common goals of global carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, countries around the world have a high demand for new energy equipment and technology. The exhibition brought together elite companies in the global power electronics and new energy fields to jointly showcase the latest technologies and products, further promoting the popularization and application of new energy global.

As a leader in the global field of new energy charging and swapping equipment, Tonhe Technology showcased the 30kW and 40kW high-efficiency charging modules with UL and CE-certified, V2G, DCDC modules , as well as low-noise, low-power consumption charging modules at the exhibition. This garnered strong attention from customers and showcased Tonhe Technology's latest achievements and innovative technologies in the new energy field.

40kW UL-certified power module 30kW CE-certified power module 15kW Bidirectional DC/DC power module 30kW low-noise power module


Tonhe Technology continuously expand its international market in the new energy field and be extensive applied.

During the exhibition, Tonhe Technology engaged in in-depth discussions with global customers, explored the development trends and prospects of the new energy field, and shared their respective experiences and insights. In terms of product reliability and large-scale application, Tonhe Technology has engaged in strategic cooperation with many international charging pile giants, top charging operator companies and so on. With outstanding technological innovation and product reliability, as well as rich experience in large-scale commercial applications in overseas projects, Tonhe Technology has withstood the stability verification of products in various harsh application environments in different countries, becoming the most trusted supplier of core component of charging modules for overseas charging pile enterprises and operators.

With real-time grasp of the needs of international market demand, Tonhe Technology 's brand innovation continues to improve.

Since its establishment, Tonhe Technology has always been based on market and independent innovation, focusing on research and development for 25 years, surpassing itself, and continuously maintaining the core competitive advantages. The three-unified 20kW charging module for new energy vehicles has a leading market share in the market of China, while the three-unified size 30kW and the high cost-effective 40kW are well received in overseas markets.

With the batch delivery of V2G, bidirectional DCDC, and the ninth-generation low-noise, low-power consumption products, the entire product line has been iterated to fully automatic double-sided gluing process. The 40kW liquid-cooled charging module and 30/40kW products with CE and UL-certified have been successively launched. Tonhe Technology's new energy vehicle product line will strive to become the leader of new energy vehicle charging and swapping equipment in the global field. In the future, Tonhe Technology will continue to focus on technological innovation of charging and swapping equipment in the global field , continuously innovate the product applications in response to domestic and foreign market demands, respond to the national high-quality construction of charging infrastructure, and promote the healthy development of the global new energy vehicle industry.

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Tonhe Technology Global Exhibition Plan 2024

Tonhe Technology is looking forward to meeting you with our high quality EV charging power modules!

Tonhe Technology would like to extend sincere invitation to all customers and friends to visit us at Booth 209 EVCS2024 LasVegas

Tonhe Technology would like to extend sincere invitation to all customers and friends to visit us at Booth 209 EVCS2024 LasVegas.

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