What are the advantages of Separated DC fast charger

Separated DC fast charger is a smart charging device suitable for DC fast charging of electric vehicles at electric vehicle charging stations. It is mainly composed of human-computer interaction units, control units, metering units, and safety protection units. It adopts a modular design. DC fast charger is widely used in charging and swapping stations for electric vehicles of different voltage levels.

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The main components of the Separated DC fast charger adopt the internationally advanced voltage-type double-ring resonant soft switching technology, combined with single-chip control, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, small size and light weight; the monitoring unit adopts a distributed control method, which controls the risk and is highly reliable and intelligent. The man-machine interface is simple and convenient to operate. Separated DC fast charger adopts intelligent operation management and multiple protections, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system. Automatically complete the accurate management of battery charging voltage and current to ensure that the battery is working in the best condition and prolong the service life of the battery pack.
Separated DC fast charger is a kind of power supply system equipment that is fixed outside the pure electric vehicle and connected to the communication AC power network. It can produce DC stabilized power supply for non-car battery power lithium batteries. Separated DC fast charger also has many advantages such as faster battery charging speed, high input working voltage and large output current. So it is widely used.

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