Trends in Separated DC fast charger

1. Ultra High Power Charging Reactor - Dynamic Power Allocation - Flexible Charging

The characteristics of centralized parking of pure electric bus charging stations and charging of operation route determine that Separated DC fast charger may evolve towards super-high power charging reactor.Pure electric taxis and logistics vehicles may even evolve in this direction.The demand for a 30KW charging module is becoming urgent, and the main driver is the demand for a charging reactor.

2. Intelligent Charging of Parking Loop in Community

The so-called circular intelligent charging is like parking a lot of electric vehicles in a community parking lot, the central processing unit actively patrols each vehicle's battery and automatically fills each vehicle in turn at night.This is actually a kind of flexible charging as well as the need to install a supercharger in a community parking lot.The advantage of this approach is that it is more efficient than AC charging and that the owner's queue for DC charging is flexible and much cheaper than installing several Separated DC fast chargers.

3. Household wall-mounted charging stake into household electrical appliances

After the power distribution has been resolved, when China has the ability to deliver excess power to every residential quarter in the future, consumers can decide whether to install Separated DC fast charger or AC charging stake at their own discretion in order to pursue a faster charging experience. DC charging stake will be as small and beautiful as home appliances.By then, the wall-mounted Separated DC fast charger will be just needed.This appliance-like product removes unnecessary components from the Separated DC fast charger structure and allows charging controllers and touch screens to function in a charging module-sized housing with a sophisticated mold.

4. Charge-discharge integration of optical storage

The concept of combining photovoltaic, charging and energy storage has specific products, namely PowerWall, which will be further developed to form a new type of charging station. Electric energy flows freely between photovoltaic panels, electric vehicles, power grid and energy storage battery.Separated DC fast charger can be supplied from the power grid to charge electric vehicles, from photovoltaic panels, and from energy storage batteries.Energy storage batteries, car batteries and photovoltaic panels can also be sold to the grid.

5. Shared Charging, Free Charging

If you think about the future in terms of shared thinking on the Internet, any individual installed Separated DC fast charger can charge any other vehicle owned by any other owner, which means that all Separated DC fast chargers are open at any time.With Internet tools, owners can easily find idle private Separated DC fast chargers.

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