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20kW V2G EV Charger power module

➢ Wide Input Voltage Range(AC):323~456Vac</br> ➢ Ultra-wide output regulation range(DC):200~750Vdc</br> ➢ Ultra-wide constant power range:500~750Vdc Full range constant power output</br> ➢ High Efficiency:fully loaded≥95%</br> ➢ Wide Operating Temperature Range:-30℃~+65℃</br> ➢ Digital equalisation technology: parallel equalisation imbalances<±0.5A</br> ➢ Intelligent fan speed control:Monitoring of ring temperature, output voltage and current, and internal device temperature, and intelligent speed regulation</br> ➢ Quick Plug Installation:Support hot-swap function</br> ➢ Advanced digital control system with fast dynamic response</br>

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