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20kW Dual Input Modes EV Power Module

TH20T10025C7 is a high efficiency and high power density charging module specially developed by Tonhe Technology for mobile battery cabinet. This product support AC and DC dual input mode, which combines battery charging by the power grid and vehicle charging by battery. At the same time, it meets the size requirements of three unified module of State Grid.

KC CE UL certified 40kW Charging Power Module for EV charger

THWT40F10028C8E is a DC charging module with high efficiency and high power density developed by Tonhe Company for charging piles. The output voltage can reach 1000V, and the constant power is 40kW in the range of 280-1000VDC. Interface with 30kW module, size one To facilitate user update iteration.

Undervoltage 20kW Charging Power Module

TH20F1210C8-WT charging module is a high efficiency, high power density, ultra-wide input range, high current, low voltage AC/DC module developed for electric vehicle charging. This product supports 260Vac~520Vac (line voltage) three-phase four-wire system (three-phase +PE) input, rated output power 20kW, constant power range 100~120Vdc. The module adopts intelligent air cooling heat dissipation. The charging module communicates with the main monitor through the CAN bus to realize the parameter setting of the charging module and control the working state of the charging module.

100-200VDC Power Module for EV Charger

TH20F2010C8 is one kind of AC/DC module with high efficiency and high power density specially designed by Tonhe for EV charging station. This product is three-phase four-wire system (three-phase +PE) input, supports 285VAC-475VAC input, and the maximum power is 20KW(constant power range is 100-200VDC).

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