Ten years of wind and rain cast brilliant -- 10th anniversary employee symposium

The ten years from 2010 to 2020 are the ten years of rapid development of Tonghe and the ten years of hard work of Tonghe people. In order to thank the old employees of the company for their hard work over the years, the company organized the "Ten Years Contribution Award" award and staff symposium on the afternoon of April 20, 2021, with the theme of "Ten years of wind and rain create Brilliance together".


Ma Xiaofeng, chairman of the company, presented the 10th anniversary certificate and commemorative gold coins to the old employees and attended the symposium.


At the symposium, Chairman Ma Xiaofeng affirmed the old staff's ten years of persistence, and thanked the old staff for their hard work. The "10-year Contribution Award" is an honor, an affirmation of the past, and a new beginning. I hope the old employees will continue to influence the people around them with positive energy and play a positive role in the future work. Being old is a privilege, but being old has its limits. When the company is starting a new business, the old employees should develop new ideas, actively innovate, go out of the "comfort zone", achieve self-breakthrough, meet new challenges, seize new opportunities.

All the senior employees also actively spoke, profoundly summarized and shared their career history, work experience and growth experience in the company in the past ten years. Ten years, as if yesterday, the old staff feeling a lot, grateful for the broad platform provided by the company, grateful for their colleagues, but also grateful for their own stick and pay. We chose to join hands because we shared the same values, and we have come together because of the trust we share. Along with the enterprise for a long time, we have the "old" word, but the old is not equal to standing pat, relying on the old. In this era of openness and innovation, in this era of talent, we only keep a sense of crisis, constantly emancipate the mind, learn new knowledge, to synchronize with The Times, to keep up with the pace of the development of the company, to let us continue to live our wonderful in this era of waves and sand.


This symposium is of profound significance. It has touched the morale of old employees to set sail again, and let new employees see the company's appreciation and attention to talents. Because we firmly believe that a better harmony, a better self is always ahead!

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