In 2021, the first course of "Integration of knowledge and practice, endless learning" of Tonghe Technology was successfully completed

One yuan after the beginning of the spring tide, the New Year update "charging" busy. In order to further build a high-quality management team and improve the overall competitiveness of the company, from March 26 to March 27, the first session of "integration of knowledge and practice, learning unlimited" was held in the lecture theatre on the fifth floor of the company. Tonghe Technology and its subsidiary Huowei Power Supply leading group members, middle and senior management personnel attended the training.

On March 26, the company's "integration of knowledge and action, unlimited learning" middle and senior special Training class started successfully. At the opening ceremony, Dong Shunzhong, general manager of Tonghe Technology, delivered a speech for the opening of this special training class. Dong Zong pointed out that knowledge is the beginning of action, action is the result of knowledge, and integration of knowledge and action has always been the code of conduct that the board of directors requires the management team to practice. Management is a process of practice, in order to do a good job in the process of practice needs the guidance of theory, so we must fully understand the importance of this study, strictly observe the learning discipline, give play to initiative and creativity, strive to learn and have skills, learn to apply, and strive to be a pursuit, can create, dare to assume the excellent manager.

Before the beginning of the course, the middle and senior leaders who participated in the training were led by Zhao Huiqing, the manager of Human Resources Department.
I swear
In the middle and senior special training class
I will maintain a humble, serious and open mind
I will think positively, learn to reflect, carefully and clearly
I will take the initiative to share, drive students, common progress
I would like to
Apply what you've learned to your job
To build a better Tonghe technology and continue to struggle!

This training invited Mr. He An, a middle management practical instructor from MTP, to teach. By means of theoretical teaching, management knowledge sharing and interactive learning and discussion, the students were given a special lecture on quality management model, role cognition, training incentive authorization and authorization control, which was rich in content and practical. The teaching process is combined with a wealth of real combat cases, to simplify the deep, so that students are easier to understand and absorb.

Participants in the training have said that this training course not only theoretical knowledge, but also combined with practical cases, targeted, fruitful, effectively broaden the horizon, has a strong guiding role for the future work!

The professionalism of the management team directly determines the future trend of enterprise development. Tonghe Technology has always attached importance to the construction of a learning organization, and the ability building of the leadership team is the key to the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of Tonghe. This middle and senior level special training class has greatly improved the theoretical knowledge of management system and opened up management ideas. We believe that through this training, students will be able to promote action with knowledge, integration of knowledge and practice, with the attitude that time is not waiting for me, integrate knowledge into enterprise management, and contribute to the realization of high-quality development of Tonghe!

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