Tonghe Technology held a special lecture on "Preventing Telecom Network Fraud"

In order to further improve employees' awareness of prevention, enhance their ability to protect themselves and maintain property safety, on March 23, the joint office of the company's trade union invited Zhang Xingjie, police officer of Xing 'an Police Station in High-tech Zone, to carry out a special lecture on "Preventing telecom fraud" for employees.

In the lecture, Officer Zhang introduced a variety of common types of telecom fraud, the illegal use of mobile phone text messages, posing as acquaintances, posing as purchasing agents, network dating, fictional lottery, QQ number theft and other fraud tricks were revealed, the implementation of the fraud in the process of doubt, fraud identification methods were in-depth explanation.

Finally, Officer Zhang summed up the activity, and put forward the joint efforts of the police and enterprises, is bound to create a good atmosphere to prevent the fight against telecom fraud, protect the people's money bag.

The lecture content is vivid and practical, improve the staff's awareness of prevention, enhance the ability to recognize fraud and prevent fraud, deeply loved by the majority of staff.

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