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DC power supply system





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THGZDW series DC power supply system is designed with patent technology and experience, which is the essential DC power supply of transformer substation system. It serves in power plants (15MW-60MW) and substations (500KV-10KV), thermal power plant, hydropower station, transformer stations as DC power supply for controlling, signal transmission, protection, telecommunications and lighting. It is widely applied in electric power industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, papermaking, coal industry, building materials, textile, brewing industry and etc.


"TONHE DC system" is applied to hydraulic and thermal power plants, various substations and other users who use DC equipment. It provides DC power for signal equipment, protection, automatic devices, accident lighting, emergency power supply and circuit breaker switching and closing operations. Power supply equipment.


The DC system is an independent power supply. It is not affected by the generator, plant power and system operation mode. In the case of external AC power interruption, it ensures that the backup power supply-battery continues to provide important equipment for DC power supply.

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