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DC charging panel

DC charging panel

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Technical Data
THGZDW series high-frequency switch dc power supply panel is a complete set of dc power supply device designed and produced by our company according to DL/T 5044-2004 and DL/T 459-2002 standards based on years of accumulated technical experience and production system management. Is now widely used in from 500 kv and 10 kv substation of different voltage grade and open and close, 15 mw ~ 60 mw generating unit of power plant, the national key projects such as subway, oil field, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc., as control, signal, accident lighting load under normal and accident situation of dc power supply, can realize the unattended, is a traditional dc power supply complete sets of equipment are the ideal product  
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Ac input voltage: 380V±15%; 220 v + / - 15%
Grid frequency: 50Hz±10%
Output current class: 10A ~ 320A
Applicable battery capacity :10AH ~ 2000AH
Rated output voltage: 220V/110V
Output voltage range: 198V ~ 286V /99V ~ 143V continuously adjustable
Output current limit: rated current × (10% ~ 105%)
Dynamic response: recovery time ≤200 mics and overshoot ≤± 5% when 20% load jump to 80% load
Efficiency: ≥95% (single module)
Insulation resistance: 20 m Ω or greater
Insulation strength: 2.5kvac is applied to output, input and output, with no flashover and flashover for 1min.
Relative humidity: ≤90%
Audible noise: self-cooling ≤40dB air cooling ≤55dB (1 meter from the cabinet)
Protection grade: ≥IP30
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