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Technical parameters: Weight: 13.8Kg ★ Size: 448mm*85mm*420mm (width * height * depth) Cooling method: air cooling





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Product description

Technical parameters:
Weight: 13.8Kg
★ Size: 448mm*85mm*420mm (width * height * depth)
Cooling method: air cooling
★ Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Ac input voltage VAC: 187 ~ 264
Dc input voltage VDC: 176 ~ 286
Ac output voltage VAC: 220±2%
Inverter output frequency HZ: 50±0.2
Output power: resistive load: 4KW; Nonlinear load (PF=0.8) : 5KVA
★ Peak factor: 3:1
★ Power factor: 0.8
★ Efficiency: ≥ 90%
Stability accuracy: ≤ ±3%
★ Dynamic voltage transient range: ±5%
Transient response recovery time: ≤ 10mS
★ Synchronization accuracy: ±2%
★ Voltage waveform distortion (UTHD) : ≤ 3%
Overload capacity: 105%-125% 10min transfer to bypass; 125%-150% transfer to bypass 1min; > 150% immediately bypass
Backfilling ripple voltage: ≤ 0.5%
★ Total switchover time: AC power supply <=> DC power supply :0mS Bypass output <=> Inverter output: ≤ 4mS
Noise: half load ≤ 60dB, full load ≤ 65dB
★ Communication mode :RS485

Main features of the module:
Standard 2U body thickness, 19-inch panel, light weight and small size; High reliability, each unit works independently, AC main, bypass, DC any output can be normal for the load output; Ac/DC internal electrical isolation, without external isolation transformer; Mature and reliable active power factor correction technology, power factor 0.99; Advanced digital control technology, fast response to external changes, low total voltage distortion, real-time to provide high-quality AC output; High conversion efficiency, AC, DC input peak efficiency is greater than 90%; Good electromagnetic compatibility performance, meet GB/T 7260.2-2009 uninterruptible power supply equipment (UPS) EMC requirements; Friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, rich functions, real-time query parameters; The RS485 communication port and six groups of passive normally open dry contacts facilitate real-time management and monitoring by monitoring software.

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