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20kw/1000v EV charger module




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Product description

      TH20F10025C7 is an upgraded version of the TH750Q61ND-AX module of Tonhe . This
product is a three-phase four-wire system (three-phase +PE) input, supports 285VAC-475VAC
input, and the maximum power is 20KW (constant power range 250-1000VDC). The charging
module communicates with the main monitoring through the CAN bus, and realizes the
parameter setting of the charging module through the communication with the main
monitoring, collects the operating parameters of the charging module, and controls the working
state of the charging module.

20kw/1000v power module technical specification:
Model TH20F10025C7
Input feature Input voltage range: 285~475V AC
Input frequency: 45HZ~55HZ
Power factor: 20.99
THD: ≤5%
Standby power consumption: < 10W
Output voltage range: 200~1000V DC
Output feature Max output current: 80A .
Constant function: 250~1000V DC
Current range: 0.5~80A
Current sharing imbalance for modules in parallel: ≤±5% ( parallel average current should be more than5A) 
Voltage stabilization accuracy: ≤+0.5%
Current stabilization accuracy: ≤±1%(load current is in the range of 20%~100%)
Efficiency: ≥96%
Soft start time: 2~4s
Communication Protocol: CAN
Environmental Working temperature(50C output derating: -30~+75C
Storage temperature: -40~75 C
Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH no condensation
Cooling: Fan cooling
Altitude: 2000m
Others Dimension (L*H*W): 460mm* 84mm* 218mm
Weight: ≤20kg
MTBF: 500, 000 h
IP level: IP20


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