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100kw with CCS and ChadeMo EV DC fast charger

100kw with CCS and ChadeMo EV DC fast charger

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Product Description
Technical Data
Specification Model THGZQW-CCS100KW
AC Nominal Input Phases/Lines 3 phase+ neutral + PE
Voltage 352~456V AC
Frequency 45-65Hz
connecter CCS 2+ ChAdeMo
 Output Power 100KW
Voltage 200-1000VDC
Current Single gun output maximum 200A
Connection Case Case C
Cable Length 5m
Electrial Parameter Power Factor 0.99
THD Value 5%
Stable Voltage Accuracy ±0.5%
Stable Current Accuracy ±1%
Efficiency 94%
Structure Design Housing Material Galvanized steel body, Acrylic Panel
Module Number 5*20KW
Installation Method Vertical installation of ground
LED Indicator Green/Yellow/Red color for different states
Display  One  7'' Daylight readable Color Touch Screen
Emergency Stop Button Yes
Payment Method RFID Card, Phone APP with backend, mobile APP code scanning charging,  card charging etc
Communication Charger v.s. EV PLC
Charger v.s. Backend Ethernet/GPRS/4G communication
Communication Protocol OCPP1.6
Environmental in dex Operating Temperature  -30 ~ +55
Working Humidity 5% ~ 95% no condensation
Working Altitude 2000m
Protection Grade IP54
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
Cooling Method The fan cooling
Security Protection Multiple Protection Over/Under voltage protection,  Overload protection,  Short circuit protection,
Over/Under temperature protection,  Grounding protection,  Surge protection,  Leakage protection
Warranty 1 year
Package Information Product Dimension(W*D*H) 550*800*1950mm
Net Weight 230kg
External Packing Wooden case
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