What is the role of the DC power supply system

The DC power supply system provides reliable DC power supply for control, signal, relay protection, automatic device and emergency lighting in the substation. It also provides reliable operating power for operation.

The reliability of the DC power supply system plays a vital role in the safe operation of the substation and is a guarantee for the safe operation of the substation.

The meaning and function of DC screen: DC screen is short for DC power supply operating system. The common name is intelligent maintenance-free DC power supply screen, or DC screen for short, and the common model is GZDW, and the DC screen is used to supply this DC power supply.

DC power supply system

The power supply for power operation in power plants and substations nowadays is DC power supply, which provides power for control load, power load and DC accident lighting load, etc. It is the basis of contemporary power system control and protection. The DC screen is composed of AC power distribution unit, charging module unit, step-down silicon chain unit, DC feed unit, power distribution monitoring unit, monitoring module unit and insulation monitoring unit.

It is mainly used in small and medium power plants, hydropower stations, various substations, and other users who use DC equipment (such as petrochemicals, mines, railways, etc.) in the power system. Electric protection and fault lighting and other occasions. The DC screen is a new type of digital control, protection, management, and measurement of a new type of DC power system.

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