What are the characteristics of high voltage DC power supply system (DC ups)

High-voltage DC power supply system (DC UPS) is a new generation of power products that meet the requirements of high reliability, high performance, energy saving and emission reduction of communication systems. The high-voltage DC system has the following advantages: fewer conversion links, reduced high-frequency filter capacity, higher reliability, lower energy consumption, higher maintainability, less space requirement and lower investment cost, and will gradually replace Traditional UPS system.

customized DC power supply system
The high-voltage DC power supply system can be widely used in some important equipment in all computer systems that use LCD displays, such as IDC computer rooms, financial systems, investment companies, aerospace control, medical equipment, data management systems, etc., providing uninterrupted DC power supply.
System Features:
1. The battery of the HVDC grid is located at the output end. In the event of a system failure, the battery can supply power to the load without interrupting the power supply of the system.
2. The parallel connection of the high-voltage DC power supply system is DC parallel, only the problem of the same potential, which is easy to control. Parallelization failure will not paralyze the system, at best it can only be said that the flow is unbalanced.
3. The number of parallel high-voltage DC power supply systems is not limited. Usually 40 units can be connected in parallel.
4. The high-voltage DC power supply system uses N + X in parallel. The load of the entire system works under a load of 60% to 70%. The efficiency of the whole machine can reach more than 92%. The existence of the battery, N+1 or N+X redundant parallel connection will cause the module to fail, and the system will not output an "ultimatum" signal. At best, it is an early warning.
5. The high-voltage DC power supply system adopts a configuration type integrated monitoring system, distributed control and centralized management design ideas. Each sub-monitoring unit is equipped with its own microprocessor, which operates independently and realizes its own control, which improves the reliability of the entire system.
6. The monitoring unit adopts a modular structure, and different numbers of modules can be configured according to the output capacity of the system and the number of feed distribution channels, so as to meet the different requirements of users. This modular modular design gives you more flexibility in system configuration.
7. The high-voltage DC power supply system is easy to wire, easy to maintain, and can be connected online immediately.
8. The high-voltage DC power supply system is reliable, maintainable, low investment cost, low energy consumption, and small footprint.
9. Wide input voltage range and strong adaptability.
10. The DC power supply system has complete battery management and insulation monitoring functions.

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