Tonhe Technology with charging module, unveiled in Germany eMove360

“From October 15th to 17th, 2019, the 11th German (Munich) European New Energy Vehicle Expo (eMove360° Europe 2019) was opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. This exhibition mainly involves vehicles (electricization, car networking). , autonomous driving), charging and energy, battery and powertrain, urban and mobile design, materials and engineering and many other key areas. As a Chinese charging module company, Tonghe Technology has exhibited its advanced technologies and products together with the world's top brands such as Tesla, ABB, Siemens and Delta.”
At this year's fair, more than 300 top manufacturers in the field of electric vehicles showed their latest technological achievements and commercial products. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, PORSCHE, ABB, IES and CHAdeMO Associations showcase their latest and higher power DC high-power fast-charging piles or cross-mixing charging piles.
This exhibition has brought together 3 different models of charging modules, including 20kW constant power, 30kW, and 20kW charging modules. Due to its small size, high power, exquisite design and CE standards, it has been favored by many exhibitors.
During the exhibition, many interested customers were rewarded, and the prototype orders and intention orders were signed on the spot. After the end of the exhibition with a number of European manufacturers, arrange the prototype test.
Since 2007, Tonghe Technology has been focusing on the core components of automotive charging piles, mainly producing charging modules for charging piles and providing overall solutions. Give full play to the technology accumulation advantages of Tonghe Technology in the field of power supply for more than 20 years.
It is precisely because of this foundation that Tonghe Technology has been able to create a series of 20kW constant power charging modules and 30kW high power density charging modules for DC charging piles. In particular, the 20kW constant power charging module, which was first introduced in early 2019, was the first to introduce a product that meets the "State Grid 330-750V constant power". Due to its high conversion efficiency, excellent product performance and obvious cost advantages, it quickly seized the high-end high-power DC fast. Fill the market. And successfully obtained the CE certificate, is gradually promoting to overseas markets.
In the past, European products were synonymous with high quality and high performance. Now, with the Chinese government's strong support for new energy vehicles, Chinese companies are catching up. At present, China's research and development of charging pile related products have reached the international leading level. And because China's labor costs are much lower than in Europe, the price/performance advantage of Chinese products is very obvious. The charging module of Tonghe Technology debuted in Europe and will be the representative of the Chinese brand of the core components of charging equipment.

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