Performance and characteristics of Controller THJK005G-3S

Controller THJK005G-3S has complete detection functions. The system includes main monitoring, AC detection unit, DC detection unit, switch unit, battery inspection and insulation detection unit, which can accurately monitor various operating parameters of the system and is also compatible Communication module and inverter module;

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Controller THJK005G-3S has strict control functions, including intelligent battery charge and discharge management (strictly control battery charging voltage and current to extend battery life), intelligent AC dual-channel automatic switching, module switching and voltage and current control;
Controller THJK005G-3S has a friendly human-machine interface, large-screen LCD display, touch screen touch operation, simple operation and easy to use;
Controller THJK005G-3S installation instructions:
Controller THJK005G-3S working power supply: DC85-320V;
Controller THJK005G-3S working power supply and voltage detection circuit have high voltage, please pay attention to safety when installing;
When wiring, the closed mother circuit and the control circuit should be distinguished. Connect the mother circuit first, then connect the control circuit, and set the number of closed mother circuit and control mother circuit on the DIP switch;
Controller THJK005G-3S leakage current sensor's transformation ratio should be selected as ±10mA/±5V, and the power supply can be directly output from the board's ±12V point source; (the insulation detection unit output for the sensor power supply is relatively large capacity ±12V/450mA
After the Controller THJK005G-3S is installed, please adjust the DIP switch to set the corresponding address. If there is no mating mother, HM+ and KM+ of JP2 should be short-circuited.

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