Features of Separated DC fast charger

Separated DC fast charger is a smart charging device suitable for DC fast charging of electric vehicles at electric vehicle charging stations. It is mainly composed of a human-computer interaction unit, a control unit, a metering unit, and a safety protection unit. It adopts a modular design and applies More extensive.

customized Separated DC fast charger
Separated DC fast charger adopts independent research and development, high-efficiency charging module, pre-installed box assembly design, realizes centralized deployment, intelligent control, power sharing, flexible output, on-demand distribution, cloud management and other functions. Separated DC fast charger also has business scenarios It is flexible, saves construction costs, improves equipment utilization, rationally allocates resources, and has strong vehicle compatibility.
The charging system of the Separated DC fast charger achieves rapid project implementation, equipment efficiency and scalability through "three types of one". The charging system integrates box change, rectification, high-voltage metering, low-voltage metering, power quality monitoring, charging, DC metering, cloud platform technology, environmental monitoring and fire-fighting systems, and intelligently coordinated wind, solar, storage, and charging scheduling work. The Separated DC fast charger can dispatch the output power according to the actual needs of different types of electric vehicles to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles with different energy storage capacities and different charging rates. At the same time, it improves the efficiency and utilization of charging equipment.

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