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DC power supply system The manufacturer will show you: the operation and maintenance of DC power supply system

2021/04/13 16:55

Operation and maintenance of DC power supply system: DC power supply system manufacturers tell you that power generation companies, transmission and substations (substations, converter stations, series compensation stations, communication stations) and other departments in the power system will have many battery DC power devices (including batteries). , Charging device, DC power supply, etc.). The continuous operation of this type of equipment ensures the stability and safety of the power system.

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The DC power supply system manufacturer tells you that in the process of equipment installation and commissioning, and maintenance personnel in the daily evaluation, operation and maintenance of power transmission and transformation equipment, multi-functional testing instruments are the guarantee for improving work efficiency.
DC power supply system manufacturers tell you the common test scenarios of power equipment:
Voltage, current and power amplitude and waveform, power factor, and harmonics of DC or AC power supply
Whether the protection of the charging device starts normally when the output current exceeds the limit
Battery capacity test
Accuracy of voltage stabilization and current stabilization of charging device
Whether the voltage fluctuation and ripple coefficient of the DC bus exceed the standard
The manufacturer of the DC power supply system tells you that when the charging device is in operation, it will generally require the return to the AC input end of the harmonic current content rate of each sub-harmonic current, which should not be greater than 30% of the fundamental current.