DC Charging Module

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DC Charging Module Feature
High power density saves system space; 
Wide range of input voltage, 260V~530V, input surge protection design.
System adopts full digital DSP control technology, achieves pure digital control from input to output; adopts interlaced series resonance soft switch technology to reduce the tolerance of power devices. 
Input THDI <3%, input power factor can reach 0.99, the efficiency can reach 95% and above. 
Ultra-wide range of output voltage, 150-1000Vdc / 200VDC-500Vdc /200VDC-750Vdc (adjustable), to meet various voltage demands of different battery packs. 
Low output DC ripple wave, has no influence on battery’s working lives. >
The monitor is equipped with standard CAN/RS485 communication interface, can easily exchange data with external devices. 
Input over voltage protection, under voltage alarming, output over current and short circuit protection functions. 
Can constitute parallel redundancy systems and has hot-swapped function, which improves the availability, reliability and maintainability of the system. 

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