Caring for employees begins with health. The company organizes all employees to have a health examination

In order to solidly promote the party history learning education, the learning effect into practical actions for employees to do practical things, solve problems, the company's labor union focused on the health examination of workers concerned about, June 18, invited the Great Wall physical examination center to the company door-to-door physical examination.

Carefully arranged, comprehensive optimization of physical examination items.

The labor union of the company actively responds to the voice of the employees, analyzes the health status of the employees according to the company's group physical examination data in recent years, combines with the suggestions of the hospital, comprehensively optimizes the health examination plan of the employees in 2021, and strengthens the examination of liver function, blood lipid, lung tumor, kidney function, arteriosclerosis, female TCT and other physical examination items.

Intimate design and personalized physical examination make early screening more accurate.

For different potential risk groups of diseases, the company fully communicates with the physical examination center, and develops personalized physical examination plans according to the gender, age level, married and unmarried employees, so that early disease prevention, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are more scientific and accurate.

Warm heart service, workers enjoy health services more convenient.

The first is to negotiate with the physical examination center. Employees on business trip or leave can deal with the problem flexibly within the validity period of physical examination service, so as to effectively solve the problem of not being on duty and unable to participate in the centralized physical examination. Second, employees' family members can have physical examination together with employees, which solves the problem that employees ignore their family members' physical condition due to work, and guarantees both work and family harvest.

In order to do a good job of the staff health examination work, the company's trade union combined with the actual situation of the staff work, developed a detailed physical examination implementation plan, so that the work and physical examination are not wrong.

The health examination, not only reflects the company's people-oriented concept of employment, but also reflects the company's deep care for employees, so that the majority of employees personally feel the warmth of home. At the same time, the company will continue to improve the occupational health security system, promote the correct health concept, enhance the employees' awareness of self-health, encourage the majority of employees to good health, full of enthusiasm and stable mentality into their own work, to maintain a harmonious, stable and healthy development.

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