News in brief: The second phase of the 2021 Special Training Course of Tonghe Technology "integration of knowledge and practice, endless learning" has successfully concluded

In order to build an efficient and energetic operation organization, build a high-level management team, and improve the management cognition and management skills of the managers, the second session of "integration of knowledge and action, endless learning" of Tonghe Technology was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company on May 28-29. Leading group members and middle and senior management of Tonghe Technology and its subsidiary Huowei Power Supply participated in the training.


Through the professional and vivid actual situation training mode, Mr. Chen systematically elaborated the differences between the leadership coaching type and the traditional leadership type from the perspectives of "Tao, method, technique and instrument", the superior thinking and creed of the coaching manager, and the procedure of leading others. The course content is rich, the classroom atmosphere is active, from the simple to the deep. In-depth analysis of the nature and influence of leadership, so that students have a deeper understanding of leadership, more confident in leading the team.

In this training, the students actively participated, discussed enthusiastically, and fully combined with their actual situation to learn, and gained a lot.

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