The second Fast Charging Technology Forum came to a successful conclusion. Tonghe Technology attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech

From November 04 to 05, the "2020 2nd Fast Charging Technology Forum" hosted by ATC Automotive Technology Conference ended successfully in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This forum from the car end, battery end, charging pile end and other hot issues on the rapid charging industry of vehicle platform boost, power battery performance improvement, the progress of standards, charging pile upgrade and other hot issues. Tonghe Technology was invited to attend the forum and deliver a keynote speech.

With the support of the new infrastructure policy, the charging pile market with huge potential has been pursued by many capitals, and a batch of new technologies and new models have begun to accelerate the landing and application. The large-scale construction of charging facilities has brought technological progress and industrial upgrading, and a large number of new technologies and new models have been applied to the field of charging facilities. This forum specially invited vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, universities and other fields of experts from different perspectives to share technical dry goods. As one of the earliest enterprises to carry out charging module business in China, Li Bo, general manager of New energy vehicle Division of Tonghe Technology, delivered a keynote speech titled "Focusing on charging modules -- Helping the development of New infrastructure".

First of all, Mr. Li Bozong gave a wonderful speech from three perspectives, including the analysis of the development status of charging facilities, the pain points of the charging facilities industry, and the development trend of charging facilities, and had an in-depth communication with the participants. At the same time, he also introduced the seventh generation wide constant power 20/30kW DC charging module independently developed and designed by the company, demonstrating the domestic first-class technological innovation ability and research and development ability of Tonghe Technology.

1, Ultra-high efficiency: 1/3 load above efficiency ≥95%, peak efficiency ≥96%, I wish you efficient use of energy; 2, super wide constant power: -30° to 55° operating temperature up to 250V-1000V constant power no derating; 3, low standby power consumption: standby power consumption is less than 10w, to help you save every penny; 4, good environmental adaptability: working temperature -30~75℃, CNC three anti spraying can adapt to salt spray, heat and humidity, mildew environment; 5, with dip, release: multi gun pile convenient to set the address; Save the cost of the whole machine; 6. Seamless iteration: the seventh-generation TH20F10025C7 and the sixth-generation TH750Q61ND-AX are in line with the unified size of State Grid III.

The second Fast Charging Technology Forum provides an excellent exchange and sharing platform for enterprises in the field of charging and replacing power. Tonghe Technology not only demonstrated the company's innovative technology, but also conveyed the company's new ideas and new wisdom in the field of charging and replacing modules to all sectors of society. In the future, in the process of accelerating internationalization, Tonghe Technology will gather talents to strengthen the company's technological innovation in the field of charging modules, and join hands with more people and enterprises in the field of charging and changing electric vehicles to jointly promote the high-quality development of electric vehicle industry and contribute to China's new energy cause and beautiful environment!

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