30KW High Power Charging Module Suppliers

With advanced technology, quality management system and first class test equipment, currently we have developed electric vehicle OBC, DC/DC converter, DC charging module, AC charger and DC charger, many products with advanced technology and widely applied in new energy electric vehicle fields.  

30KW DC fast charger can be used under the extremely harsh environment such as extreme cold, hot and plateau area. It is suitable for: -30°C ice and snow areas in Qiqihar in the cold region, 55°C in the hot region, and the Everest in the world in the plateau.

1. Multiple Outputs  
2. Applied to global grid
3. Low consumption for standby,high efficiency up to 85%,cost-effective.
4. Support hot plug,module designed,the installation easy to maintain,complete protection.
5. High reliability,MTBF>20,0000Hours.

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