220V or 110V DC Rectifier System Description

1. Power supply modules of series SET- 220V/110V are compact battery charging rectifiers with rear side connectivity. The rectifiers are designed for high voltage Power Plants and Substations. Due to the modular concept and a high scalability the user is able to equip the power supply with additional modules according to his actual power profile. The chargers are very user friendly and can be swapped as well as upgraded during system operation.

2. The devices get their operation parameters via the system RS 485 communication bus. After a successful login a central monitoring unit controls and monitors the devices. In case of interruption due to failure of monitoring unit the modules operate continuously with internal default values.Therefore the supply of the connected loads and the charging of the batteries are guaranteed without any interruption. Step less temperature control fan speed & change with the output power of module, which minimize noise & extend fan life.The rectifier needs a 1Ph AC mains connection.

3. Rectifier power circuit is divided into active PFC & DC to DC converter which can make the wide input voltage range (85V-290V) & high efficiency.High power density has reached the international advanced level.

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