Notice on carrying out educational activities on the theme of investor protection in 3.15

Dear Investors,

In accordance with Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau's "Notice on Carrying out Education Activities on the Theme of 3.15 Investor Protection" (Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau issued No. [2023]26), the Company will carry out education activities on the theme of 3.15 Investor protection, and hereby inform the related activities as follows:

I. Purpose of the activity

In order to thoroughly implement the work plan of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on carrying out the 3.15 investor protection theme education activities, grasp the spirit of the investor protection work meeting, do a good job in the protection of investors' rights and interests, continue to improve the professional knowledge level and risk prevention awareness of small and medium-sized investors, and help the steady and healthy development of the capital market, The company will carry out "comprehensive registration system reform to the future" theme education activities. Through this activity, the general investors to popularize the basic knowledge of the comprehensive registration system, help investors correctly understand the registration system, establish a rational investment concept, protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Two, activity time

March 13 to March 23, 2023

Iii. Activity theme and content

(I) Activity theme

Comprehensive registration system reform to the future

(2) Content of the activity

1. Conduct publicity through the company's official website, wechat official account and other network media, focusing on "streamlining and optimizing issuance and listing conditions, improving review and registration procedures, improving the material assets reorganization system of listed companies, strengthening regulatory law enforcement and investor protection" and other key points of fully implementing the stock issue registration system, and organizing investor education activities.

2. Distribute promotional materials such as investor risk education under the comprehensive registration system to all employees through correspondents of all departments of the company.

3. During the activity, the company will release investor protection publicity materials on the electronic screen on the first floor of the pilot experimental building.

4. During the event, the Secretary Office of the Director of the Company will set up an investor protection advisory hotline (0311-67300568), welcome to call and on-site consultation.

Hereby inform!

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