Brave to lead the tide and strive as a new chapter of spectrum -- Tonghe Technology won the five industries special fund award

This morning, Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government held a working meeting on promoting the development of five major industries and awarding subsidies for the second half of 2022. A total of 276 million yuan was awarded to outstanding enterprises and units that have made contributions to industrial development. The meeting was presided over by Mayor Ma Yujun, Party Secretary Zhang Chaochao made an important speech, municipal People's Congress, CPPCC; Major leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and counties and districts; Representatives from five industries including electronic information and biomedicine attended the meeting.

Mr. Ma Xiaofeng, chairman of the company, attended the meeting as the representative of the new generation of electronic information enterprises and received the "Five industries special fund award". This is not only the affirmation of the development achievements of Tonghe Technology in recent years, but also the encouragement and spur for our future work.

This year is the city's "economic aggregate over one trillion, the realization of the curve overtaking jump year, show year". As a local enterprise in Shijiazhuang, Tonghe Technology feels that time is not waiting for us and responsibility lies on our shoulders. Brave Lichaotou dare to first, work hard as a new spectrum. Tonghe Technology will take this award as an opportunity and motivation, continue to adhere to technological innovation as the core driving force, relying on the National Enterprise Technology Center, Hebei Engineering Laboratory and other scientific research platforms, benchmark the international first-class level, further enhance the ability of independent innovation, accelerate the development of new products and product structure optimization and upgrading, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, strengthen the collaboration with the upstream and downstream of the industry. Extend the chain to strengthen the chain, to create a new industry benchmark.

Under the strong leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, general science and technology to seize development opportunities, adhere to the "spell" pledge, "dry" word first, make full of vigour, yong yi, with better performance for the whole city economy trillions, comprehensive economic strength 30 before entering the city and the construction of modernization and internationalization contribute to achieve the goal of beautiful capital city, Take it one step at a time and bring it to life.

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