Kilovolt supercharge, shining Europe -- Tonhe Technology with charging module debuted in Europe eMove360°

The three-day eMove360° Europe 2022 has officially come to a close. The EMOve360 ° Europe 2022 is the largest new energy vehicle exhibition in the world, attracting practitioners, decision makers, experts and users from various segments of the global new energy industry. Gathered more than 300+ industry top exhibitors, covering new energy vehicle, autonomous driving, charging and energy, battery and power train and other key areas.

eMove360° is the bellwether of the global new energy vehicle industry, which can directly reflect the development process of the whole industry, with large scale, high content and many other features. In this exhibition, Tonhe Technology carries different models of charging modules with constant power of 20kW, 30kW, 40kW and so on. Because the Tonhe module has the advantages of high reliability, wide input voltage range, high efficiency, high power density, low standby power consumption and so on, and in line with the CE standard, the 3-day European Exhibition, in the first day of the development of countless eyes, aroused the strong interest of many professional customers. During this extension, Tonhe Technology has obtained many prospective customers, and signed prototype orders and intended orders on site. Arrange prototype testing after the exhibition with several European manufacturers.

Up to now, the charging module of Tonhe Technology has been exported to many overseas countries, and its sales and reputation are rising steadily. Next, while deepening the global market layout, Tonhe Technology will continue to concentrate on research and development, create technical advantages, bring more stable and reliable products to meet different scenarios for global customers, and achieve win-win with global customers!

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