[BRICS Charging and Replacing Forum] Hebei Tonhe New Energy was awarded the "Top Ten Outstanding Quality Award in China's Charging and Replacing Industry 2022" and the "Top Ten Core Module Brands in China's Charging and Replacing Industry 2022"

From September 27 to 28, the 8th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Replacing Industry Conference 2022 (BRICS Charging and Replacing Forum) was held successfully in Changzhou Shangri-La Hotel, which was co-sponsored by 100 Charging and Replacing Committee, China Charging Network and Lianlian Charging and organized by Shanghai Helson Exhibition Co., LTD and Shanghai Helson Business Consulting Co., LTD. This conference will set up "Forum Summit + exhibition", with the theme of "Innovation, collaborative drive, low-carbon and efficient development". Through topic setting, discussions will be triggered, and development ideas and strategies of charging and electric vehicle enterprises will be promoted and led, so as to ignite the industry's attention on "charging and electric vehicle", interpret the latest confusion of charging and electric vehicle development, and interpret development opportunities and directions.

Hebei Tonghe New Energy was awarded "Top 10 Excellent Quality Award of China's Power Charging Industry 2022" and "Top 10 Core Module Brands of China's Power Charging Industry 2022" in the selection activity of Top 10 brands of Power Charging Industry held at the same time, and was one of the few participating enterprises that won two awards.

Hebei Tonghe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise committed to technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation in the new energy power industry, integrating the research and development, production, sales and service of charging modules and supporting products of charging and replacing equipment, and providing customers with new energy system solutions. Founded in 2016, the company is a holding subsidiary of Tonghe Technology (stock code 300491). Adhering to the entrepreneurial mechanism and entrepreneurial culture of Tonghe, the company focuses on medium and long-term strategic goals, concentrates high-quality resources, focuses on professional fields, strengthens core competitiveness, and aims to become the leader of the charging module industry. The company always attaches importance to and encourages innovation, and continues to invest a lot of resources to build technological advantages and talent advantages. Now it has a number of national/provincial technology research and development platforms. The products mainly focus on charging modules and give consideration to system solutions. We continue to carry out technological innovation and product innovation, and continue to introduce highly reliable and efficient charging module products.

In this BRICS Charging and Replacing Forum, Gao Luping, product manager of Hebei Tonghe New Energy Company, delivered a keynote report titled "Charging Module Development Direction under Multiple Scenarios". He shared how to solve customers' real pain points and needs through analysis of industry status, industry problems and opportunities, and product introduction of Tonghe module. Hebei Tonghe New Energy always focuses on charging modules, takes customer as the center and business as the orientation, pays close attention to the development of the industry, meanwhile, with years of accumulated industry experience and technology precipitation, combined with Tonghe technology's judgment on the technology development trend in the field of power electronics, constantly provides customers with competitive charging module series products: In 2019, the whole silicon carbide charging module will be launched and realized batch supply; In 2020, the first three unified 20kW (network share ranked first) and three fan 30kW wide constant power 1000V charging module; In 2021, the charging module with high power density of 40kW will be launched, and its capacity will be expanded smoothly with 30kW products. In 2022, the module products will be newly launched for power exchange application scenarios, providing the whole system of glue filling solution, which can adapt to harsh environment such as high salt and high humidity.

Tonghe Technology will continue to increase the R&D investment in the field of charging modules, expand the scale effect, build the brand influence, help the upstream and downstream of the charging industry to integrate and build confidence and determination, create a zero-carbon future.

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