Tonhe Technology was awarded the Outstanding Module Brand Award in China's charging infrastructure Industry in 2022

On Sept 5, the "2022 China Electric Ecology Expo and the sixth State Grid Electric Mobility Expo" opened at Nanjing International Exhibition Center.

China Electric Ecological Expo has been successfully held for five times since 2015, fully displaying the new products, new technologies and new models of wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, power batteries, electric charging and replacing facilities, new energy vehicles (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, venue vehicles, special vehicles) and supporting industries, and has become a highly vocal professional exhibition in the new energy industry. To lead the deep cooperation of the industrial chain in the field of electric mobility and promote cross-border integration of the industry.

In the "2022 Electric Ecological Cup" award ceremony held at the same time of the Expo, Tonhe Technology was awarded the "2022 China charging facilities Industry Outstanding Module Brand" award by virtue of its outstanding performance in technology research and development, product innovation, brand influence and other aspects. Tonghe Technology won the honor of "Outstanding Module Brand", which is another honor after "China Charging Module Technology Award" and "China Charging Facility Industry Outstanding Module Brand", which fully reflects the industry's recognition of Tonghe Technology's technical strength and development potential in the field of charging module.

The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big auto country to a big auto country, and it is a strategic measure to deal with climate change and promote green development. As the scale of electric vehicles continues to grow, their interaction with energy, synergistic development momentum is gradually increasing. As one of the earliest enterprises to develop charging module business in China, Tonghe Technology has always focused on charging module, the core component of automobile charging pile, and provided the overall solution: in 2019, it launched the whole silicon carbide charging module and realized batch supply; In 2020, the first three unified 20kW and three fan 30kW wide constant power 1000V charging module will be launched; In 2021, high power density 40kW charging module will be launched, and smooth expansion with 30kW products. Tonghe Technology gives full play to the advantages of more than 20 years of technology accumulation in the field of power supply, always pay close attention to the trend of the industry, so far has launched eight generations of products. In the future, Tonhe Technology will continue to increase the R&D investment in the field of charging modules, expand the scale effect, build brand influence, help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", and create a zero-carbon future with the industry.

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