Tonhe Technology with charging modules at the 2022 Munich Smart Energy and Charging Equipment Exhibition

From May 11 to 13, 2022, Power2Drive International New Energy Vehicles and Charging Equipment Exhibition, known as the top event of the world's new energy vehicles and charging industry, will be held in Munich B6 Pavilion. This exhibition will mainly show the latest development of electric vehicle charging system and power battery industry. Demonstrate the interconnections between electric vehicles and sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supplies. As a Chinese charging module enterprise, Tonghe Technology, along with Tesla, ABB, Siemens and Huawei, exhibited their advanced technologies and products at the exhibition.


As an offshoot of The Smarter E Europe, P2D provides the perfect platform for electric vehicle and charging technology manufacturers to communicate, collaborate and win. As one of the earliest enterprises to develop charging module business in China, Tonghe Technology has always focused on charging module, the core component of automobile charging pile, and provided the overall solution: in 2019, it launched the whole silicon carbide charging module and realized batch supply; In 2020, the three unified 20kW and three fan 30kW wide constant power 1000V charging module will be launched; In 2021, high power density 40kW charging module will be launched, and smooth expansion with 30kW products. Tonghe Technology gives full play to more than 20 years of technical advantages in the field of power supply, always pay close attention to industry trends, and launch related products. It is precisely because of such a foundation that the charging modules independently designed, developed and produced by Tonghe Technology have high conversion efficiency, excellent product performance and obvious cost advantages, which have quickly seized the high-end high-power DC fast charge market and successfully obtained the CE certificate. At present, it is gradually promoting to overseas markets.

Tonghe Technology will always adhere to the enterprise mission of "adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on power electronics, efficient use of energy, and serving global users", always adhere to technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, focusing on charging modules, presenting customers with diversified and high-performance products, helping customers achieve business and brand success. It will bring a new atmosphere to the charging industry and make the greatest contribution to the realization of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" and a better tomorrow for the world.

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