Warmly celebrate Shijiazhuang Tonghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. technology center is recognized as the national enterprise technology center!

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the Notice on Issuing the 2021 (Batch 28) Newly Recognized and the List of All National Enterprise Technology Centers. Shijiazhuang Tonghe Electronic Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Tonghe Technology") was successfully selected as the 28th batch of National Enterprise Technology Centers. This is another national honor for Tonghe Technology. Tonghe scientific research level, technological innovation ability again recognized by the state!

The national enterprise technology Center is recognized by the state as an enterprise technology center with strong innovation ability, good innovation mechanism, leading and demonstrating role, and meeting the conditions. The purpose of this center is to encourage and guide key enterprises in the industry to drive industrial technological progress and innovation ability, give play to the principal role of enterprises in technological innovation, and establish and improve the system and mechanism for enterprises to lead industrial technological R&D and innovation. Enterprises selected as "National Enterprise technology centers" will be rewarded and supported to a greater extent by the state.
"National enterprise technology center" is the highest level of enterprise technology center evaluation, which is an important part of the national technological innovation system. Under the national strategic deployment of enhancing independent innovation capability and building an innovative country, Tonghe Technology always adheres to the concept of "technology-based enterprise" and focuses on R&D and innovation in the field of high-frequency power conversion technology. Tonghe Technology is the first power electronics enterprise in China to realize soft switching technology in the whole process of power conversion. Relying on the technology center platform, Tonghe Technology has completed major projects such as the National Innovation Fund, the Central Special Fund to guide local science and technology development, and the central budget investment of energy equipment of the National Development and Reform Commission. It has accumulated more than 100 national patents, more than 40 software Copyrights and more than 20 various qualifications and honors. Tonghe Technology has a rich technical reserve, has a number of international advanced and domestic leading core technologies, the company's R & D personnel account for about 30% of the total staff, R & D investment in the proportion of sales revenue has been more than 10% for many years.
In the future, Tonghe Technology will give full play to the advantages of the national enterprise technology center, continue to increase the investment in technology innovation, continue to promote the research and development of key core technologies, the transformation and industrialization of innovation achievements, and the construction of innovative talent team, give full play to the positive role of the national enterprise technology center in the development of the company, and promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the company.

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