Its electric travel expo | through science and technology was named "China charging infrastructure industry outstanding brand module"

In order to meet the rapid development needs of the new energy vehicle industry, fully demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of electric mobility, and promote the ecological integration of electric vehicles, charging facilities and related industries, 22-24 October 2021, Co-sponsored by State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid, Beijing New Energy Automobile Industry Association and other units, the 2021 State Grid Electric Mobility Expo opened in Hangzhou International Expo Center.

With the theme of "kilovolt supercharge, Tonghe takes the lead", Tonghe Technology took part in the charging technology exhibition of the Expo, focusing on the display of advanced technologies and solutions in the field of new energy vehicle charging modules. As one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop charging module business, Tonghe Technology entered the core module industry of charging power station in 2007, and has successively launched seven generations of charging module products. According to the development trend of charging pile industry, Tonghe Technology has gradually introduced 1000V State Grid standard 20kW module and 1000V three-fan interface 30/40kW module of the same size. The company adopts unique patented technology, products with high reliability, high efficiency, high environmental adaptability, low standby power consumption and other characteristics, and provides conventional and glue filling two solutions for customers to choose.

At the "Pile" second World Charging and Replacing Facilities and Supporting Products Award Ceremony held at the same time on the first day of the conference, Tonhe Technology was awarded the "Outstanding Module brand in China's charging facilities Industry" by virtue of its outstanding performance in technology research and development, product innovation, brand influence and other aspects.

State Grid Electric Mobility Expo actively responds to the national energy strategy, air pollution prevention and control, energy conservation and emission reduction policies, takes scientific and technological innovation and creating an electric mobility ecosystem as the theme, and closely combines new energy vehicles, electric charging infrastructure, its supporting power transformation, monitoring and other hardware and software products, operation and construction and other fields with the new energy automobile industry. A comprehensive display of the industry's latest products, application results and solutions, after several years of development, has become the industry's influential new energy automobile industry chain professional exhibition and leading the development of the industry vane. This time, Tonghe Technology won the honor of "Outstanding Module Brand in China Charging Facilities Industry", which is another honor after it won the "2021 China Charging Module Technology Award" in July, fully reflecting the industry's recognition of Tonghe Technology's technical strength and development potential in the field of charging modules.

Over the years, Tonghe Technology has always been oriented to meet customers' demand for products and system solutions, focusing on charging modules, focusing on industry supporting, helping complete machine products and providing overall solutions, improving product quality through technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, helping customers to achieve business and brand success. In the future, Tonghe Technology will continue to increase the R&D investment in the field of charging modules to provide comprehensive and reliable technical support for the high-quality development of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" economy, the implementation of new infrastructure and the realization of carbon neutrality. We hope that through our efforts, every charging pile will have a heart of Tonghe!

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