Brilliant | through science and technology at the 34th world conference on electric cars


With the theme of "Towards Intelligent E-Mobility", the 34th World Electric Vehicle Congress and Exhibition (EVS34) opened at Nanjing Airport International Expo Center on June 25-28.

EVS series is the largest, most influential and highest level international new energy electric vehicle conference and exhibition in the field of global new energy vehicles, known as the "Olympics" in the new energy electric vehicle exhibition, the EVS34 Tonghe technology with TH20F10025C7, TH30F10025C7 and other products displayed in the parts exhibition area, Attract many participants to stop.

TH20F10025C7 1000V wide constant power 20kW products

TH20F10025C7 DC charging module developed by Tonhe Technology based on the unified size of State Grid Three is the seventh generation product, with output voltage up to 1000V and constant power of 20kW in the range of 250-1000V. The product has the advantages of high reliability, wide input voltage range, high efficiency, high power density and low standby power consumption.

TH30F10025C7 1000V wide constant power 30kW products

With the development of the new energy automobile industry, it is the current trend to improve the battery voltage in order to improve the charging speed. TH30F10025C7 DC charging module developed by Tonhe Technology, the output voltage can reach 1000V, and the constant power is 30kW in the range of 250-1000V. The product uses three fan design, the product heat dissipation ability is strong, high reliability.

Over the years, Tonghe Technology has always been adhering to the enterprise mission of "adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on power electronics, efficient use of energy and serving global users", adhering to the core value concept of "contribution, common benefit, appreciation, efficiency and innovation", and constantly deepening technological development, improving product quality through technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation. Build a "business-oriented, customer-centered" value chain to provide customers with more competitive products and create more value.

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