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Controller THJK005G-3S


TH230D10ZZ-220AC 220V series power supply which manufacturer is better
Which TH230D10ZZ-220AC 220V series power supply manufacturer is better and how to choose it? Let’s take you to find out today.
30kw/1000v EV charger module TH30F10025C7 manufacturer's talk: Overview of charger module
The manufacturer of 30kw/1000v EV charger module TH30F10025C7 tells you that the charger module adopts a combination of self-cooling and air-cooling to dissipate heat. It runs with self-cooling at light load, which is in line with the actual operating conditions of the power system. It is the most important configuration module of electric power supply, which is widely used in electric power supply of substation.
Five advantages of high voltage DC power supply system
The reliability of the DC power supply system is greatly improved-the main purpose of applying high-voltage DC power supply technology is to improve the safety of the system. The UPS system itself only has a redundant backup for the parallel host, and the system components are more connected in series. Its availability is the result of the multiplication of the reliability of each part of the component, and the overall reliability is lower than the reliability of a single component. In contrast to the DC system, the parallel rectifier modules and battery packs of the system constitute a redundant relationship. The unreliability is the result of the multiplication of each component, and the overall reliability is higher than the reliability of a single component. Both theoretical calculations and operating practices show that the reliability of the DC system is much higher than that of the UPS system. An example is that there are basically no incidents of large-scale DC system breakdown.
What is the role of the DC power supply system
The DC power supply system provides reliable DC power supply for control, signal, relay protection, automatic device and emergency lighting in the substation. It also provides reliable operating power for operation.
Introduction to the function and use of DC system
The DC system is a very important part of the substation. Its main task is to provide power to the relay protection device, circuit breaker operation, and various signal circuits. The normal operation of the DC system is related to the correct operation of the relay protection and circuit breakers, and will affect the safe operation of the substation and the entire power grid. The DC system consists of charging equipment, storage batteries, DC screens, DC split screens, insulation monitoring devices, loads, etc.
DC fast charger can realize fast charging of electric vehicles
The development speed of new energy vehicles in the past two years is obvious to all. New energy vehicles have now become one of the leading industries in my country and the world. In 2017, my country's new energy production and sales reached 794,000 and 777,000 respectively, and the cumulative inventory reached 1.8 million, accounting for more than 50% of the global market, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.
DC Charging Module
We rely upon strategic thinking, constant modernisation in all segments, technological advances and of course upon our employees that directly participate inside our success for Dc Charging Module Manufacturer.
Why is no one doing such a good business with charging piles?
Looking back at the imbalances caused by the historical issues, we are fortunate that we have begun to think seriously, and companies are beginning to take it seriously, but unfortunately for China, it will be a long-term effort to fully release the flexible potential of new energy vehicle supporting facilities. And invested a huge and long "journey."

In such areas, funds must be calm. This is not only related to the company's own destiny and image, but also to whether China's new energy vehicles can seize the historical opportunity of "curving overtaking".

The future is bright, but we accidentally took a tortuous road, and we have to bear the consequences.
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