Pre-sales technical support (power production line)

10000 - 15000


undergraduate course




no limit

Job Responsibilities:

1. Pre-sales support, cooperate with sales, write relevant industry solutions, provide required documents, coordinate resources, track and control project progress;
2. Collected customer needs, handled customer coordination, and conducted pre-sales technical analysis and support;
3. Participated in bidding, prepared technical proposals and detailed equipment lists, cooperated with sales quotations, demonstrated and explained bidding solutions for customers;
4. Responsible for the company's product strategy formulation, customer demand mining, production and implementation of product solutions;
5. Independently wrote pre-sale plans and provided program support for project decisions.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, major in engineering;
2. Experience in pre-sales support or technical consultation;
3. Strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;
4. Experience in communication power supply and ups inverter;
5. Good language and written expression skills, with certain negotiation skills;
6. Good experience in pre-sale program.