Foreign trade sales manager

10000 - 15000


undergraduate course





Job Description:

1. Attended and promoted the company's products in overseas markets, collected market information through existing platforms, and negotiated with customers;
2. Responsible for developing and maintaining customers in overseas markets and achieving annual sales targets;
3. Responsible for handling customer phone calls, emails, enquiries and orders;
4. Responsible for the preparation and filling of various documents;
5. Responsible for the company's English website management and update.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, Business English or related, CET 6 or above;
2. Good oral English expression, learning and execution ability;
3. Familiar with foreign trade business process, capable of independently developing customers;
4. Proficient in B2B platform operation and independent station operation;
5. Understand the customs and habits of overseas western countries, good negotiation and interpersonal communication skills, master basic sales skills;
6. More than two years experience in electrical export is preferred.