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Power monitoring system developed by Tonhe Electronics Technologies Co., Ltd. Fully takes into account the diversity of power system applications, the monitoring host and the underlying data acquisition unit adopts the modular design idea, the host and the underlying module can be freely combined. All the bottom modules are of the same size for easy installation. The monitoring host includes THJK005G-3S. The bottom module includes battery inspection module, switch module, insulation detection module and ac measurement module

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4.3 "color TFT LCD

All kinds of alarm information display, intuitive fault, clear location, the current fault display up to 100. It can store 4096 historical faults, without loss after power failure.

When the fault occurs, the fault interface will pop up automatically, the LCD screen will be lit up, and the built-in buzzer will sound alarm.
Alarm threshold can be set
Communication interface RS485.
The communication protocol can choose CDT or MODBUS.
The baud rate can be selected as 2400, 4800 or 9600.
ODD, EVEN, NONE can be set
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